Strategic HR Support

"Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is."

Seth Godin

Why the need for Strategic Business Support?

  • Re-positioning for growth
  • Increase sales
  • Major project gets way behind schedule
  • Conflict with a key business unit impacts your ability to meet objectives throughout the organisation
  • A key member of management is accused of harassment
  • Diverse influences can encourage and enable undesirable behaviour

Leadership, culture and people’s behaviours contribute to the success of an organisation, both positively and negatively.

How your organisation handles change, manages economic pressure, communicates strategies and treats people all impact the way your workforce behaves.

When people work in an environment of support and understanding, they become the company’s biggest advocates.

When people work in an atmosphere that lacks support and direction, they can become a liability.   It’s that simple, and it’s that challenging.

We approach every assignment with an open mind, listening to really hear and understand what support you require and then develop a focussed and customised solution for you.

Our goal is to assist you in building a motivated high performing workforce and a supportive culture, delivering results.

Strategic Business support should be considered when

  • Lack of  new business in the pipeline
  • Your strategic plan no longer lines up with the direction you are actually taking
  • To support timely change processes
  • You have experienced business growth and your systems and resources are no longer working as well as they were
  • Workplace behaviours don’t support the business strategy
  • Projects have stalled, derailed, or fallen behind schedule

Strategic Business Support Services Include

  • Re-positioning for Growth
  • Strategic and Business Development Plans
  • Project Management support
  • HR Services
  • Mediation, Realignment, Restructures
  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Development

Development Tools are an integral part of our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programs.

Rosser & Associates hold accreditation in a range of Leadership Behavioural tools which are included in our development programs. We also utilise TMS products.

All Development Tools are internationally recognised as an accepted and proven set of management tools with a wide range of applications measuring leadership competency, emotional intelligence, work preferences, specialised recruitment profiles, personality profiling, and team work capacity.

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Two business owners in their 18 month old business over stretched with their time, doing a great job with the ‘hands on’ doing but struggling to keep up and be effective. Staff are unclear of their roles and don’t get to spend time with the owners to gain direction, not enough clear processes to support the service delivery to customers, customers starting to  make complaints about turnaround times.


Leadership Training

(NZQA National Diploma in Business Level 5) -  Would’ve loved longer sessions, Christine is an amazing facilitator, having her experience and coaching was appreciated. Christine explains and relates the learning in such a way, we/I found it easy to understand and it was really interesting. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions! Thanks for your feedback - both positive and constructive

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