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Development Tools are an integral part of our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programs.

Rosser & Associates hold accreditation in a range of Leadership Behavioural tools which are included in our development programs. We also utilise TMS products.

All Development Tools are internationally recognised as an accepted and proven set of management tools with a wide range of applications measuring leadership competency, emotional intelligence, work preferences, specialised recruitment profiles, personality profiling, and team work capacity.

Leadership Behaviours Profile 360

The Profile is comprised by the individual and a full 360 review by other key people rating the individual. The individual receives a comparison of their ratings against a number of key leadership areas, and also against a norm database as a comparison. The Leadership profile also measures Emotional Intelligence (EI).

The EI section of the profile measures an individual’s Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Social Skills and Communication Effectiveness.

Ref: TMS Tools utilised for LBP 360 Profiles.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed.

Measurement is taken to determine a starting baseline from which development, and success can be measured. The EI profile is comprised by the individual rating themselves against a range of leadership sub factors, and others rating them to provide 360 feedback to the individual. All feedback is measured and compared. A comparison against the EI norm database is also provided. A powerful tool for developing behavioural changes.

Ref: TMS Tools utilised for EI profiles.

Extended DISC ™

A Profile tool that changes how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Used the world over Extended DISC is an online psychometric questionnaire developed to extend our understanding of human behaviour. By taking profiling further, Extended DISC is used to maximise staff development.

Reports are easy-to-read, reliable and give new insights into an individual or a team.

Benefits and applications for using Extended Disc ™ include:

Confident Recruiting

Improves hiring decisions by identifying the most suitable candidates through initial employee testing.

Increases business productivity by placing the BEST person into the right job using individual behavioural analysis as an essential tool.

Develop Individuals and Teams

Keep staff motivated by identifying what drives each employee

Improve existing team dynamics by understanding each other’s styles, ways of working and communicating.

Reduce staff turnover by identifying employees who are losing motivation or are unhappy.

Cost Effective

Avoid costly hiring mistakes by making decisions based on real people data and not on glorified CVs.

Work Style Preferences

This discovery of an individual work style preferences focuses on developing personal and team performance in the workplace.

It assists individuals to understand and learn:

  • How they prefer to relate to others at work
  • How they process information at work
  • Their preference for decision making at work
  • How organised they like to be for themselves and others at work.

Ref: TMS Tools utilised for personal, team, and organisational development


Lominger for Your Improvement

An extensive development tool intended for all levels of organisations, for problems at work or in one’s personal life.

This tool supports motivated individuals with a need.

Lominger – For your Improvement is a development tool for 67 competencies that are the measurable characteristics of a person that are related to success at work.

This development tool provides benefits to beneficial for developing and supporting change in:

  • Competencies
  • Career Stallers and Stoppers
  • Global Focus Areas

Lominger - For Teams

This development tool is based on key behaviours critical for high performance teams. It can be used for any team, team member or team leader with a need at any level in the organisation.

This tool assists in developing competencies, supporting changes in behaviours, attitudes, actions and results. It is designed to create and sustain high performing teams.


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