Case Studies


A large public organisation senior leadership team was not operating collaboratively, working in silos. Risk levels increased and critical incidents occurred as result.


Rosser & Associates developed a tailored Leadership Development program designed to fine-tune the leaders’ management style. The team went through a personalised developmental module programme that required significant input and commitment. The program developed increased levels of awareness, engagement, leadership skills and the reality of direct feedback on individual, team, and organizational levels in a safe and supportive context.


The Leadership Team developed a more collaborative way to work together and to utilise their organizational resources. Interpersonal conflict is now welcomed and used to serve continuous improvements, rather than being a source of negativity and team derailment.


Strategic Business Support

As a new business owner Christine empowered me by helping me to recognise my own skills and to have confidence in my own ability!

As my business has become more successful, Christine has always been a wonderful support during times of positive change and new directions.

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